Saturday, 2 October 2010

But You Have Done It Before, Mr Cameron!

FT dot com has an interview with David Cameron by Simon Schama in which Cameron is quoted on the matter of the Leader's Debates. Commenting on the Liberals rise in the polls after the first debate and acknowledging that he had been in favour of such debates since 2006, Cameron says:
"......he couldn’t then “turn on a sixpence” and refuse them......"
To which the question must be asked; Why not, when he 'turned on a sixpence' and refused the people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Ah but in fairness, no doubt DC would argue that there were principles involved!


john in cheshire said...

We might have a 'new' government, but in reality, with regards to all the major issues confronting our country, nothing has changed. We are still slaves of the socialists and subject to their deceits.

microdave said...

As evidenced by the coalition enacting Harridan Harmpersons equality law....

Anonymous said...

Since when did Cameron aquire "principles". They have been noticeably missing since he started his leadership campaign.