Saturday, 2 October 2010

That Video

As I have previously stated, I have been without internet connection since Friday evening and therefore appreciate I am a tad late with comments on 'That Video' - one that most certainly does not warrant 10/10!

Beside being the product of sick minds, it also serves to show how the education of children has become a means for social and political indoctrination. It is also utterly incredible that in the article in the Mail there does not seem to be one politician voicing their disgust at this video. In fairness, the Mail being the Mail, it is perhaps possible (but unlikely) that they did not ask a politician for a quote, but in view of the public outrage one would have though the politicos would have been queuing up to get their names in print! On the other hand, as they all believe in that crap, they probably wouldn't. I refuse to 'further the 'mentalist's cause' by reproducing the video, despite their removal of it from their website.

Afterthought: Also do not understand why they did not ask a few MPs to star in this video and get themselves blown up - which would have saved some of the electorate from having to do it later! You can't even get a decent calibre of MP now, can you, one with a sense of proportion.


microdave said...

"On the other hand, as they all believe in that crap, they probably wouldn't"

On the 10:10 website is another clip exitedly showing them being "invited" to a press conference where the boy Dave, and Huhne the loon announced their support for the campaign....

I think that answers your question!

The Boiling Frog said...

Tom Harris expressed his support (effectively) for the video as a comment on Iain Dale's blog.

Unbelievable (or not as the case maybe)

Fascist Hippy said...

I think all of the sponsers of that lunatic organisation should apologise publicly then withdraw their support.

Trooper Thompson said...

A friend of mine remarked that his 11 year old kid would find it very funny, which made me realise something:

This is aimed at children.