Friday, 1 October 2010

Might The SDSR 'Nuke' The Coalition?

Amidst the recent loss of brotherly love displayed at the Labour Party Conference, the Coalition must be thankful that one rocket that could have been launched by Labour, wasn't - well, not to any effect.

The Strategic Defense Spending Review (SDSR) presents the possibility of 'Armageddon' where the Coalition is concerned. Remember the Conservatives, in the shape of Cameron, originally exempted Trident from the SDSR, but the LibDems who are against a like-for-like scenario and would ideally ditch Trident quicker than the proverbial hot potato, have won the right to a study of its cost-effectiveness.

The leak of Liam Fox's letter to Cameron may well have been no more than deliberate and it is therefore possible the police, in seeking to find the 'leaker', should move their investigation from the Ministry of Defence to 10 Downing Street (it is said politics is a dirty game!).

When bracketing the words 'principles' and 'conservative politicians' together, it is well known that the former may have very elastic qualities, however unlike matters EU, where Trident is concerned those principles gather resolve quicker than an MP gathers his expenses.

Methinks Fox would not be the only one who would give Cameron an Edache were Trident to come to a vote in the HoC!

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