Saturday, 2 October 2010

And There We Were Thinking ID Cards Were a 'Dead Duck'!

First; an apology. Have been without internet connection since Friday evening. Anyway as the cooks say, here is one I prepared earlier!

Did you really, really think that ID Cards were being abolished? Why, because 'he' that does not tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and does not do 'U' turns, said so?

Well, just cast our eyes over this:
"Combating document fraud is a major factor in the fight against organized crime and illegal immigration, requiring several joint measures for the prevention and the detection of such criminal activities, including in particular making the best use of the new technologies for improving document security and control.

Measures already adopted in this area include the definition and the implementation by the Member States of minimum security standards regarding EU biometric passports, whereas the main challenges for the near future would be the implementation of an electronic residence permit and the issuance of electronic identity cards.

In this regard, with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, Article 77 (3) of the TFEU has provided for a specific legal basis for the adoption of provisions concerning passports, identity cards, residence permits or any other such document with a view to facilitating the freedom of movement in the territory of the Member States.
" (my emphasis)
A chilling phrase is it not - "or any other such document". Like a document prohibiting you travelling abroad? Or one prohibiting you travelling more then 'x' miles from your home? Or a permit to get married, have children - just what exactly is "any other such document"?

Reading further it becomes obvious that the EU is determined to get ID cards implemented, as the terms of reference for the Working Party are to be 'tweaked' in order that the desired result may be achieved.

This report just adds weight to the post of IPJ on Politics to which I linked earlier. I am reminded of the words of Vladimir Bukovsky, the Russian Dissident:
"I have lived in your future and it didn't work."

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it’s all coming together, isn’t it? I visited IPJ’s post and followed the link and it totally confirms what we have been thinking for years now.

The sudden determination of our new elite (are they new?) to have us all on broadband is, I believe, to monitor us and not empower us.

One of the leading conspiracy theorists on the Internet once described it as ‘a race to the line’. They want information on us as quickly as possible, even the IP addresses of those annoying idiots, such as myself, who are forever dropping by and leaving comments.

The ID card thing is classic ‘create the problem in order to implement a ready made solution’.

The hatred I have for those in our governments who allow this is beyond description.