Friday, 1 October 2010

Now Hear This

For years now, Eurosceptics have been trying to convince the people of this country that membership of the European Union is harmful and obnoxious on the basis that we, the people, have never been asked specifically whether we agree to this or not. Both economic and political arguments have been put forward by Eurosceptics in the attempt to demonstrate this, yet the political elite of the three main parties continue to deny that any problem exists and refuse to engage in any debate.

Eurosceptics have also tried to argue that our future is being decided, whether you want it to be or not, by a host of unelected bodies and with the complete collusion of our governments. It involves the collection of data about every aspect of our lives and through the collection of that data, our control over our own lives will disappear.

Ian Parker-Joseph has been a busy boy and is starting a series of posts demonstrating just how the European Union intends to control the people, their lives and consequently their destinies. These posts will be lengthy, detailed and will probably require more than one 'read' to fully grasp what is involved. On the basis that bloggers are aware that not every reader follows any links given, I would plead with you that you do take the trouble to follow all the links in IPJ's posts on this subject, so that you may full appreciate what it is that that collection of unparented offspring in Brussels have in store for us all.

As and when IPJ posts further on this subject, rest assured this blog will make you aware of said posts.

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Woodsy42 said...

It's getting very scary isn't it Mr W.
Technology is the obvious tool for population control. All done in plain sight with the best possible public motives of course.
Just as 'safety' cameras have morphed into a system to monitor movement the once free Internet has now been nobbled with packet sniffing software in the name of controlling copyright infractions.
It is already censored (surreptitiously)to protect the children from the kiddy fiddlers, so the system is in place to be expanded as required.
Digital TV and radio is necessary because it tightens the hold over broadcasters and makes it difficult for anyone to run a 'pirate' station and by-pass the MSM. Odd how so many countries are going digital at the same time?
It's useful to restrict the use of cash so that people have to use easily monitored plastic transactions, money laundering laws, tax rules and confiscation of cash by border controls comes into the frame for this. Can't have drug dealers using 500euro notes can we!
Global warming is the icing on the cake because by moving taxation from spending and earnings to carbon useage it becomes the perfect tax system to allow the ruling class to be wealthy but restrict living standards, freedom and travel for the rest of us, and all in the name of saving the planet!
I have no doubt a 'grid' already exists, or will exist, and no doubt it will eventually it will even be put in plain sight and explained as a solution to some of mankind's problems. Maybe to improve international health care or maybe to replace Id cards and passports or maybe to prevent benefit fraud. The excuses matter not a whit, they are simply cosmetic.
Maybe all these things are just coincidence, and all are intended to make our lives better in the coming crime and pollution free Utopian society, or maybe we all need to polish our foil headgear.