Tuesday, 12 October 2010

There Are Cuts And There Are Cuts

In a letter received today from the Taxpayers Alliance there are some simple cuts that the Coalition could make quite easily. 

1: Reducing the gross annual salary of the richest 10% of the public sector by 15% would save £3.76billion

2. Increasing the employee contributions of the public sector by a third - typically from 6% to 8% - would save a further £2.5billion

3. Halving the spend on consultants would save a further £1.1billion

4. Reducing the overall size of the civil service by just 10% would save £1.32billion

Then of course we have our contributions to the European Union, currently running at £6billion plus and set to rise to £10billion plus by 2015  used to fund all sorts of weird and wonderful schemes. Ian Parker-Joseph has unearthed one such scheme here, which includes:
"The public area covers everything from personal data collection, behavioural profiling, relationship mining, systems for the autonomus steering and navigation of UAVs, methodology for collection, cleaning and unified representation of large textual data from various sources: news reports, weblogs and chat, a self-organizing computer network architecture and mission planning for groups of UAVs.
All this in a civilian context inside the EU.. a context that the UK government will have no choice but to incorporate into its own security policies. The Indect website tells us this is ‘for the security of citizens’, how very 1984. This is for the security of the state from the citizens."!
Of course the most incisive cut we as a country could make would be the cut that ties us to the European Union

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