Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Let Us Have The Truth

First, due internet connection problems (ongoing - and which will remain until I get to Camebrley on Thursday) this may well be the only post today.

In today's Telegraph two articles are linked by a common theme, a lack of truth in the detail. Philip Johnston writes about cuts in our country, but not in the European Union; and Christopher Hope writes about 'non-jobs' here, quoting a report by the Taxpayers Alliance.

Philip Johnston bemoans the fact that we have to face cuts to our child benefit, Navy and postpone school building programmes and ends his article:
"Needless to say, our Parliament can't stop the budget; but when MPs are asked for their approval on Wednesday, it would be nice to hear them say, on behalf of us all: "You must be joking"
Acknowledging that our Parliament is impotent and, in effect, in the present status quo an unnecessary institution Johnston does at least go further than Christopher Hope who has, it seems, basically done a 'cut&paste' job with the Taxpayers Alliance report. 

Neither Hope, nor Ransford CEO of the LGA, acknowledge that all jobs such as European Officers, Climate Change Officers, Equality Officers and Diversity Officers are in one way or another tied to our membership of the European Union.

When considering the reported £1billion saving from child benefit cuts and the £billions more still being spent on child benefit to EU immigrants; the 'non-jobs' story - where is the outcry from those parties who are opposed to this country's membership of the EU? When will a section of the media, be that newspapers or tv, do a fair, in-depth, investigation into these matters and thus inform the public of the true state of affairs?

Grant Shapps is quoted as saying:
"Councils need to be able to justify every penny to the electorate yet some local authorities seem to have forgotten whose money it is."
I hate to say this Mr. Shapps, but Government seems to have forgotten whose money it is they spend on matters EU, Climate Change and a few other matters!

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