Monday, 11 October 2010

Why Our Country Is In Such A Mess

The Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition, MiliE, obviously has an eye for young 'talent', if the appointment of Goria de Piero and Luciana Berger are anything to judge by. These two young ladies may have some obviously attractive characteristics however, it has to be asked what qualifications they have to be appointed to the positions they now hold.

Then one turns to the appointment of Jack Dromey, trade union leader and husband of deputy leader Harriet Harman, at which point one has to inquire how much 'lobbying' by Harriet secured this job for her husband. It should be recalled that Dromey is the man who stated he knew nothing about payments from an account for which he was responsible.

One also has to ask what CEO of a private company would employ such people in positions of power and decision making, as have been these individuals? Looking back over the last 13 years of Labour government and the mess in which they left the country, appointments like these supply the answer, methinks!


microdave said...

Yes, Ms Berger is rather nice to look at, but the first few images on a Google search (yes, I know, I'm a sad individual) show her standing alongside Millipede Jnr and a copy of the 10:10 logo taken from her Facebook page. Tells you all you need to know, really...

As for the rest of them, what hope is there when Red Ed publicly states that even millionaires need Child Benefit, and the new Shadow Chancellor admits that he's going out to find some books on economics!

Trooper Thompson said...


did Alan Johnson really say that? Maybe there's a chance to bring him up right, if he's such a blank canvas. I'll send him some Murray Rothbard.

microdave said...

@ Trooper Thompson - Look here:

But he acknowledged his lack of economic experience, saying he was being "chucked in the deep end".

Asked by the BBC what his first move would be in the job, he joked that it would be to "pick up a primer in economics for beginners".