Saturday, 2 October 2010

Yup - He Sure Can!

Richard Seymour, writing in the Guardian:
"David Cameron approaches conference season apparently well placed to brag about his accomplishments."
Accomplishments? Oh, yes, I remember them well!

Failure to win a majority in a general election that was there for the taking against a 'burned-out' government; failing to keep a promise about giving the electorate a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty; failing to stop any further transfers of power (EEAS and EIO); failing to bring forward a 'guaranteed' Referendum Lock Bill; failing to uphold the true 'conservative' tenets of 'Queen and Country'; failure to stop any 'Prince or Prelate' from holding the reins of power in this country; failure to tell the truth, during the election campaign, on immigration; failure to have the balls to publicly debate, in his own constituency, our membership of the EU; failure to insist that Clegg amends the smoking ban - which will do for starters!

Of course I do accept that in today's society where lowering of standards is commonplace, political failures are usually presented as accomplishments!

Seems Cameron has a 'sellective memory', as does Maurice Chevalier!

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