Saturday, 2 October 2010

What Is Wrong With Our Education System

Is amply illustrated by this post, by a teacher, in the Independent blogs which is based on a belief that the state and he know what is best for a parent's child and that the parent is just that - a parent.
"However, largely as a result of the previous government’s policies, I believe it is imperative that in a context where the two roles – parent and teacher – are already becoming blurred, we make a clear distinction between the roles of parenting and teaching. In short, we need to let parents be parents and let teachers teach........For example, we need to confront head-on why many within education have lost faith in the transformative potential of a knowledge-based subject-centred curriculum.."
Even the least educated and erudite of those in the teaching profession - of which Kevin Rooney appears to be one (perhaps there is a hint as to his intellectual capabilities when considering his surname - but I digress) - who must accept that parents want the best for their children and if, in their view, that is not being delivered, that they will 'interfere'.

As for Rooney's statment that we have a 'transformative potential in a knowledge-based subject-centred curriculum', methinks he needs to become a stand-up comedian. If our education system is 'knowledge-based' and 'subject-centred', how come we have so many children leaving school, unable to write, speak English correctly, or have no ability with something as basic as mental arithmetic? I recall being stopped in my village by a young lad - no more than about 18/19 - who asked me the time. When I replied it was eighteen minutes to four, I was greeted with "Uh, whats that?". Responding it was 3:42, he did thank me most politely, but added "Is that the same as eighteen minutes to four then?" The mind boggles!

Rooney continues his words of wisdom thus:
"Above all, the biggest worry I have about the introduction of free schools is that it represents a technical, managerialist solution to problems in the education system......."
Err, have we not just had 13 years of a 'technical, managerialist solution' policy that has caused all the problems in our education system that we now suffer?

If I were you Rooney, I should stick to kicking footballs about - I believe the pay is better! At least that way no-one can 'Wayne on your pawade'!

H/T: Old Holborn, on Twitter, for bring this Independent post to my attention.


Dick Puddlecote said...

You're quick of the mark, WfW. I've logged it for one quite astounding sentence. If I get time tomorrow, the flaming thermometer might be out again. :(

Witterings From Witney said...

Damn DP, what did I miss? I was so incensed by what I did quote.......

Anyway your invectiveness is so much better than mine, so go to down dear chap!

Trooper Thompson said...

From the article:

"If parents claim they know what’s best educationally for their particular child, where does that leave the ideal of universal access to decent education for all and teachers control in the classroom? Indeed this might serve to generate a climate of mistrust between teachers and parents."

How dare parents *claim* to know what's best for their child! Most of them don't even have a certificate in parenting or anything.