Friday, 26 February 2010

The Answer Dave Is 'Simples'

Writing in the Guardian, Nicholas Watts and Polly Curtis report that David Cameron is planning for a 'hung' parliament.

"What's going wrong with our campaign?" the shadow cabinet minister asked. "Are we just making the odd mistake, or is there a deeper problem?"

Actually the reason for the closing of the polls is down to the 'deeper problem' - although the use of the phrase 'the odd mistake' is stretching incredulity somewhat, when one considers the gaffes aplenty that have been made.

To recover lost ground the Conservative Party need to do six things:

1. Promise a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU within the first year of a new parliament.
2. Promise that all, repeat all, immigration will be stopped, while the present 'over population' problem is resolved.
3. Revert to true 'Conservative' policies, thus providing a clear distinction between the two parties - Labour and Conservative - as presently there is virtually no distinction whatsoever.
4. Promote Carswell to a Conservative cabinet.
5. Put into operation 'The Plan' and 'Direct Democracy'.
6. Replace Cameron with Hannan!

Just a suggestion for the Tories!


Anonymous said...

And repeal the smoking ban!

microdave said...

If that quotation really is true it can only mean either of 2 things:
1) They are totally divorced from reality.
2) It has dawned on them the magnitude of what needs to be done, and they are terrified of dealing with it on their own.