Sunday, 14 February 2010

A Very Personal View

No, I am not talking about policies but about this 'mawkish' desire to bare one's soul and emotion in public.

We now have Cameron doing the same as Brown on the subject of the deaths of their respective children. Although I have never been blessed with children myself, I am only too aware of the terrible sense of loss a parent must feel at one of their children predeceasing them - and I only too well remember my mother's grief at the death of one of my brothers at the age of 37 from cancer.

I am not interested in the intimate family details of the life of a politican, pop star, footballer or that of a 'personality', in the same way I do not expect them to show any interest in mine.* In the case of a politician - yes of course they have my sympathy - I expect them to concentrate on what they are supposed to be doing, safeguarding the interests of my country. It is extremely simple to overcome, this public grief 'thing' - just state, as a condition, that no questions of a personal nature will be answered and that, if asked, the interview will be terminated.

Perhaps adoption of this attitude would earn our politicians a tad of the 'respect' that they crave.

* Unless of course it involves the misuse of public money.


Goodnight Vienna said...

At least Cameron didn't receive coaching from Campbell and Mandelson Mr W. Still, I would prefer our politicians to get a grip.

James Higham said...

When they use it for political gain, it stinks.