Monday, 22 February 2010

[Asbestos] Fun

Mark Wadsworth posts on a lobby group attempting to 'talk up' the dangers of asbetos and, with his usual statistical ability, promptly demolishes their stats.

As an aside, this lobby group would appear to be wasting its time. For five months attempts have been made by myself and another resident - the tenant representative - to have our housing association landlord attend to an asbestos (brown) problem that exists, where work has been done and the asbestos left 'damaged and exposed'. After five months of prevarication on the part of the housing association we contacted West Oxfordshire District Council Environmental Health in the hope of putting pressure on the landlord. Following a further two months of inaction by the Environmental Health officer he offered the excuse that it was not that much of a priority as 'the residents are all elderly'. It was then that contact with made with the Health & Safety Executive which resulted in (a) the work being commenced; and (b) the WODC employee being 'disciplined'.

Unfortunately my suggestion that the 'disciplining' should involve the use of a brick wall and an AK47 did not seem to gain much support within WODC!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta for link. Sorry to hear about your travails with housing people.

But fair play, the asbestos lobby would rather remove the white stuff (which is nigh harmless) than the brown stuff (which is really nasty).