Saturday, 27 February 2010

Meet Cameron - Dictator-In-Waiting

David Cameron has posted on the Blue Blog, complete with video, in which he informs us that the Conservative Party is both modern and radical - and that is the way it is going to stay!

Highlighting that the Conservative Party has selected more women candidates, more asian candidates - Cameron misses the point. It does not matter if he selects his women candidates from Venus, Mars or wherever, if the f'ing policies are crap what difference does that make? - as if this 'changes' things

He maintains his party is leading the debate on the environment and on poverty and that the changes in Conservative policy were not made to modernise for modernisation's sake. No, he made the changes so that, if elected, the Conservatives could continue to remain members of the EU!

Cameron states he wants the Conservative Party to be the party for all the country, addressing all the issues. In which case, perhaps Cameron would address the issue of our membership of the EU, a subject about which he is afraid to engage in debate.

Stating that our problems can't be solved with a little tinker here and there, Cameron maintains it is the time for bold action. Then be bold, Dave, return the Conservative Party to its 'grass roots', stop dictating to it who can and cannot stand in a constituency and stop dictating to the country what we, the people, can vote on, or not vote on as the case may be.

Defying anyone to call his policies timid, it would seem from recent opinion polls that the country does think they are timid - so what you going to do about that Dave? An old adage springs to mind, one that iDave should remember. If one is unable to perform on the pot, they should vacate it and let someone else take over!

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Quiet_Man said...

*Vote for Change!

*(Without actually changing anything important of course)