Thursday, 25 February 2010

A False Story?

Guido Fawkes receives many 'tips' but I feel this one is a bit of red herring; they may have been put on 'red alert', but not for the reason Guido intimates.

It is a fact that Alastair Darling has stated that there will be a budget before the general election and the only question would seem what it will contain. Were Gordon Brown to undermine his Chancellor by calling an early election one feels that what Darling would release would put the 'forces of hell' in the shade!

Gary Gibbon proffers a more likely scenario when he says "The most expected date for the Budget is 24th March, but it is still not announced. The most expected date for the Prime Minister to announce an election date is 29th March. Parliament could come back in what should’ve been its Easter recess – perhaps 7th, 8th and 9th April – and then could be dissolved on 12th April. That week could see the manifesto launches. The television debates could be on the 15th April (ITV), 22nd April (Sky) and 29th April (BBC). Oh, and the election on 6th May."

We shall see.................


Dungeekin said...

Actually, I wouldn't put it past 'Colostomy' to undermine his Chancellor. Remember, first and foremost Brown doesn't HAVE a Chancellor - he sees it has his job, as is everything else*.

That aside, all the other ducks would be in a row. He can dodge the financial revisions that will prove we're still in Recession, he can dodge Chilcot and, finally, by announcing this weekend he can upstage the Tory spring Conference.

SO yes, I can see him going for it. If he has the bottle.


Captain Ranty said...

"SO yes, I can see him going for it. If he has the bottle".-Dungeekin.

And therein lies proof absolute that he won't.

His spine is manufactured entirely from al dente spaghetti.

This man is part limpet. He will cling to that job like genital warts cling to a cheap whore.


wv = cictoryl. Which, if memory serves, is a cream for genital warts.

Witterings From Witney said...


Have to agree with CR - and have just been having a discussion with someone on AA about this. I do believe GB will hang on also to see if the gap in the polls narrows even more in his favour.

One thing I think all the big three have ignored, to their peril, is the protest vote for the other non-main parties. the closer we get to the election and the more attention of the electorate is focussed on policy, the more the non-main parties, like UKIP, will come into the reckoning.

The Boiling Frog said...

Given that a March 25th election would require dissolution on Monday, surely it's only natural for a news organisation to be ready for it. It doesn't imply anything else imo.

Brown will dither and dither then go May 6th anyway