Sunday, 28 February 2010

Vote For Change? Voters Don't Seem To Think So

David Cameron believes it is 'make up your mind' time, according to this report in the Mail, however the majority of the 374 comments seem to think the person who has to make up his mind is David Cameron. Unsurprisingly the two topics which dominate are the EU and Immigration.

A separate report from the Press Association says that Cameron believes it is his patriotic duty to defeat Brown. How dare Cameron talk about patriotic duty when he is quite content to allow Britain to be governed from abroad, how dare Cameron talk about patriotic duty when in 2006, at a meeting in Witney hosted by a West Oxfordshire Business Luncheon Club, I asked him if he felt any shame about being a member of a House of Commons who had agreed to hand governance of our country to the continent and he answered in the negative.

Having met David Cameron on more than one occasion I have to say that as a person he is most agreeable, charming, talkative, a good MP and extremely pleasant company. What I cannot understand is how someone like that can have such crap political ideas!

David Cameron is obviously in the wrong party and should perhaps sport a yellow rosette!*

* Appropriate on the patriotic front, as well as illustrating his political beliefs.

Afterthought: Does Vote for Change mean the Conservatives are to hold a ballot for a new leader? One can but hope!

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