Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Not Often I Agree With A Labour Politician

In a speech delivered by James Purnell to the LSE on 15th February, he said this:

"Unlike in 1979 or 1997, the main opposition  party isn’t campaigning for a repudiation of the governing philosophy of the incumbent. They’re just trying to say they can achieve our goals  better than we can. The Conservatives’ desire to present themselves as progressives is a massive act of flattery to the Labour Party and demonstrates that the centre of gravity in British politics has been shifted to the Left"

So there is no difference between Labour and Conservative - and the Conservative Party has most definitely shifted to the left, especially with its acceptance of EU membership, co-operatives and the like!

"They are just desperately trying to haul themselves over the line while offending as few people as possible."

Also very true - and something of which, in respect of the last point, all three main parties are guilty!


Daniel1979 said...

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives seem to be offering the same policies, except where Labour inflict penalties, the Conservatives will offer incentives.

And iDave really thinks this will be sufficient!

Mind you, the faithful at ConHome will believe anything CCHQ wants them to believe. Voting Conservative is an act of faith. Ridiculous.

James Higham said...

Unfortunately, this is so.