Monday, 15 February 2010

Think Lady, Think - Please?

Having just watched one of the videos that the Conservative Party have put out - one of those featured on the latest Conservative poster campaign - I am struck by one point. Whilst accepting that this woman, as a Mother, is concerned about the type of society in which her children may grow up - and wanting the best for her children, naturally enough - it appears she has not thought 'out of the box'.

I would particularly like to hear her response to the question whether she would agree that those that make our laws should not be answerable to those that elect them? Should not those that are responsible for the security of her country - and thus allow the laws of the society, of which she is so concerned, to continue to exist - also be answerable to those that elect them? Should not the laws that govern the food her children will eat, in later years, not also be made by those that will be answerable to her children, now and in the years to come?

The decision by the Conservative Party to put out this video as political campaigning is no more than 'gerrymandering' and 'social engineering' - in that they are not presenting the truth about the society they wish to create.


Sue said...

They should come and interview me :)

Witterings From Witney said...

Me first, me first!!

Does make one think though, about the thought process of those with a vote - n'est ce pas?

James Higham said...

it appears she has not thought 'out of the box'

Yes but they don't. Doing the rounds just now, the number of blogs blithely ignoring everything that's been said and putting up some philosophical piece based on limited reading is dismaying.