Saturday, 27 February 2010

New World Order

James Delingpole has a very good post on the above including two links, one to a UN paper paving the way for a world government and the other showing what a trillion dollars looks like. Then remember that the UN paper is proposing a cost of $45trillion!

The more one reads the UN paper the more one should be afraid, very afraid, due to the seemingly delusional qualities of the views expressed. For example it talks about global food shortages - yet who were the driving force to grow biofuels, at the expense of food? It discusses the need to shift towards a green economy which will address the challenges of climate change - climate change is not proven, so how can there be challenges?

After reading Delingpole's post, the UN paper, and seeing what a trillion dollars looks like, go view Lord Monckton in the previous post (if you have not already done so) - please.

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