Sunday, 14 February 2010

Try A Different Hymn Sheet!

Michael Gove reckons that the Conservative team are 'immensely harmonious'. He obviously does not realise that whilst being 'immensely harmonious', they are singing from the wrong hymn sheet.

If the Conservatives wish to win the next general election then they have better find the 'right' one and bloody quickly!


Anonymous said...

Labour/Tory Hymn Sheet
Same script,same tune,especially
the chorus about closing our pubs,
clubs,dance halls ,discos,bingo halls,lodges ,taverns and restaurants.
Two puppets,same puppeteer.
As most of my erstwhile Tory friends say,not worth a stroll to the polling booth.
If Cameron wins its just more of the smae,why bother.

48 years Tory more

Witterings From Witney said...


Please, please get down to a polling booth, if only to vote Ukip and make life difficut for iDave!