Monday, 15 February 2010

A Harrowing Statistic

Courtesy of IanPJ on Politics we find that in 45 days since January 1st 2010, the government have pushed through 295 Statutory Instruments!

Bearing in mind debates have been curtailed as there were no MPs to speak, as IanPJ says:

"no wonder MP’s have nothing to do, and laid before parliament while they not there, even if they wanted to do anything"

And this is 'democracy'? Laws being enacted without debate? Where is the denunciation of 'democracy' from our political elite? 

What was that about 'democratised dictatorship'???

And where were those who are supposed to represent us, to safeguard our interests, to safeguard the country's interests? Probably spending time deciding which of their two homes to stay in!!!!!!

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The Boiling Frog said...

A quick count shows that of those 295 'only' 15 have been EU related. Quite low compared to December where it was at least double that (there were 330 ST in one month alone ) - a flurry of activity not unconnected with 1st January deadlines.