Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Few Observations On Ten

Tim Montgomerie, writing on Conservative Home, makes ten observations about the Conservative Party and in his post says:

"The party hasn't changed radically but it has broadened. We are still the party of Euroscepticism (never to the Euro).......controlled immigration (Cameron has promised to return immigration to the levels of the mid-1990s).....It's true that it's not perfect but this election isn't a choice between a perfect Conservative Party and an imperfect Conservative Party but between a strong government led by David Cameron and the chaos of a hung parliament."

The assertion that the Conservative Party has not changed radically is one with which a large number of people would disagree. To maintain the Tories are the party of Euroscepticism must be the joke of the day! The 'phrase never to the Euro' is about the only Eurosceptic policy the Tories have and to present the Tories as Eurosceptic is as deceitful as their campaign during the Euro elections in which they led voters to believe that only they would provide a referendum.

For Cameron to promise - and we all know what a Cameron promise is worth - to return immigration levels to that of the mid-1990s is deceitful to say the least. The only immigration that Cameron can control is that from countries who are not members of the EU. This leaves the situation whereby people who may well have something to offer Britain would be excluded at the expense of those who have nothing in particular to offer yet who have 'free' entry.

In respect of the last quote about a strong Cameron government and the fear of a hung parliament, the latter is probably due to the problem facing someone looking to purchase a replacement car. Faced with two 'rust-buckets' any intelligent person walks away and looks elsewhere.

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Weekend Yachtsman said...

"They..are still the party of Euroscepticism ...[and] controlled immigration "

They really do think we are stupid, don't they?