Thursday, 25 February 2010

Difference Of Opinion?

Goodnight Vienna, on Calling England, posts on Rachmaninov entitled Rach on Rach, which possibly is where Rach should be put - on the rack!

If one wants sublime piano music, much as I adore Beethoven and Mozart, I feel sure the following is worthy of being number one on anyone's list.

And the second movement of the 2nd Piano Concerto is not far behind.

With the utmost respect, perhaps Goodnight Vienna, when next undertaking some retail therapy, should put these two on her 'Chopin List'?


Goodnight Vienna said...

Oh, please Mr W! You can't tell me that anyone, not even Kissin or Argerich, can play Rachmaninov better than the man himself.

Witterings From Witney said...

GV, I dont care who plays Rachmaninov - you cannot compare that with the beauty of Chopin!

Just listen!

Admittedly I have no musical ability, playing-wise, and tend to concentrate on 'melody' and 'harmony' but even so, Rachmaninov? Heaven forbid!