Sunday, 21 February 2010

Grayling Does Not Get It Either!

Chris Grayling, Conservative shadow front bench Home Secretary, is reported as having said, on the Politics Show today, that "The UK had given up too many civil liberties in the last 10 to 15 years in the name of law and order".

And who exactly gave up these civil liberties? And what would the Conservatives have done differently? Because of Britain's membership of the European Union, together with its duty to follow the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights - obligatory under membership of the EU, to which it should be remembered the Conservative Party is all in favour - coupled with the dictatorial attitude of the present Labour government and their ideological creed of belief in equality and diversity, has insured that, indeed, too many of our liberties have been usurped; and because powers have been usurped, approval of the people was not obtained. Mr. Grayling, the UK did not 'give up' too many civil liberties - the truth is they were taken from us, you idiot!

Grayling, along with the leader of his party and the majority of MPs, needs to remember that the powers they have are only those granted by the people of this country. It is not the prerogative of any political party to decide, for example, that membership of the European Union is obligatory, neither is it the prerogative for political parties to decide whether the death sentence should be dispensed with, neither is it the prerogative to decide what type of schools should be provided,  - it is up to we, the people, to decide these matters. Neither is it the job of political parties to present to the electorate 'wooly-worded' manifestos, nor 'promises' and 'cast-iron' guarantees, which are reneged upon at a later date

In common with so many MPs, Chris Grayling, should remember that the first duty of elected MPs is to safeguard the interests of the United Kingdom and not to dictate to its people how they should think, speak and act. As a further example of the dictatorial attitude, exhibited by our three main political parties, instead of repeating ad nauseum that membership of the European Union is to the benefit of the UK, why do they not publish an independent cost/benefit analysis of that membership and let the people decide?

The problem the UK has at the moment is that it is, with the assistance of the MSM, 'forced' into choosing from three parties, whose difference is indiscernible, resulting in there being no choice and as a result leading to the 'indifference' by the electorate come election time. Were the MSM to do their job properly and faithfully report the views of other parties, the Lib/Lab/Con 'stranglehold' on politics would be broken and that may just result in a far better level of democracy than is presently experienced. The present collection of MPs are, in general, a blight on what is considered the 'mother of democracy' and should rightly hang their heads in shame.

As one may have gathered - I am a tad p'd off!


Trooper Thompson said...

I hear you man.

Witterings From Witney said...

Nice to know someone does, TT.

Often feels like I am speaking to myself.

Trooper Thompson said...

You may be, but many other people are speaking to themselves, and having the same conversation!

The diagnosis is clear, but what is the remedy? This is the problem.