Friday, 26 February 2010

Oh, I Don't Know.................

Looking at the pictorial image used in this article by Bruno Waterfield, writing in the Daily Telegraph, I believe it can be said with some justification that Nigel Farage showed admirable restraint! If that is 'her man', one can but feel pity for Mrs. Rompuy.

Waterfield, reporting that the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty has triggered bitter in-fighting between Mr Van Rompuy, Baroness Ashton, the foreign minister, and the Commission over who is in charge of representing Europe on the global stage, it should be noted that the fears of Ashton and Barroso are groundless.

It is understood, on good authority, that the 'company car' supplied to Rompuy is a Franco-German joint venture called a SarMerk - a vehicle far from Angular in body appearance (closest I could get to an Anglicised pronunciation of the German 'Angela' - do keep up!) and compromised by a power unit that 'sarfers' from having 'no legs' resulting in its motor unit being so close to the ground. (with no apologies for the 'sarky' comment directed at the French half of the vehicle)

A further sense of security that Rompuy should enjoy, in his efforts to 'empire build' is that Ashton is obviously unable to handle her 'man well'!

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