Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sex Education

Peter Hitchens has a short critique which begins "Sex education has failed. So the Establishment decrees that we must have more of it........" and continues by explaining that "in 1963 parents in Norwich were told that their young were to be instructed in sexual matters because the illegitimacy rate in that fine city had reached an alarming 7.7 per cent (compared with a national rate of 5.9 per cent). The national rate is now 46 per cent and climbing...."

As an illustration that modern methods and ideas are dubious in the extreme, back in the 50s I attended a mixed co-ed boarding school where I learned everything about sex - without increasing the birth rate!

Just a thought.....!

Update: Alasdair Palmer, in the Telegraph, on the same subject: "The reason Britain has such a high rate of teenage pregnancy is because we have so many teenagers who want to get pregnant: they don't do it out of stupidity or ignorance, but knowing full well what the consequences will be." Yup, free housing, benefits, etc, etc, etc!

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