Monday, 22 February 2010

The Trouble With Politicians & Government Today

Politics has long been thought of as the second oldest profession, but to those who study it and are involved, it is quickly recognised as bearing a strong resemblance to the first - the only difference being politicians charge one hell of a lot more!

Our politicians in this country, regardless of party, share common faults in that once they create a policy it never disappears. It may mutate into a variant of the original, but it never disappears. In that regard, government policies are the closest thing to eternal life we are ever likely to come across in our time on Earth. Our political parties appear to work on three basic rules; if it moves tax it, if it continues to move regulate it and if it stops moving subsidise it. Politicians regards the taxpayer as someone who works for the government but who does not have to take the civil service entrance examination.

Politicians complain bitterly about the state of society and how they will fix it, yet believe that that every time a law's broken, society is guilty - rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the idea that each individual is accountable for his/her actions. Socialist politicians seem to work on the principle that hard work never killed anyone and that it would be irresponsible of them to make people find out whether that adage is true nor not. It has been said that Socialists can be identified by the fact that they have read Lenin and Marx - Non-Socialists being identified as those who have understood Lenin and Marx. Is is a sad fact that the present leader of what is supposed to be Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition may have read Lenin and Marx but, most definitely, cannot claim to be a Non-Socialist.

All politicians of the three main parties believe that they - and only they -  can solve our country's problems - the pity is they cannot, all they seem to do is re-arrange them and in so doing then subsidise them. Governments in our country can be likened to a baby in that it is but one large alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other. All politicians of the three main parties seem to have an inherent desire to regulate people, to curb their freedoms; yet seem to forget that freedom is but one generation from extinction. We the people must fight this idea that politicians have of what may be termed democratic dictatorship, or we will be telling our children and grandchildren how it used to be when we were free. 

The battle in Britain today is not against terrorism as some politicians inform us, it is about a battle of wills between our political elite and what they believe we should be allowed - and the people who believe in what was once a great country and which they wish it to return. Unfortunately, in general, people are disinterested in politics and have been led to believe that, if they remain uninvolved and disinterested, political parties will one day solve all the problems on their behalf. They have become immune to the fact that they are continually fed promises by our politicians who promptly then renege on those promises. The majority of Britain's present politicians - who have lied to the people, have deceived the people - have no apparent sense of honour, no apparent sense of pride in their country, nor any apparent sense of principle.

Yet again and again, come the time when the politicians need us, the people, to renew their lifestyle they come to us and say "Trust us, we know what is best for you, forget about our record, we know you want change and we will change". Regrettably, we seem to forget that we cannot trust them, that we know they have no idea what is best for us, that we cannot forget about their record and that the change we want is not the change they are offering - yet still we vote for them!

Perhaps we should remain in what has become the totalitarian state we now inhabit? Or has the time eventually arrived when we, the people, will say that enough is enough, that the Lib/Lab/Con have had their 'time', that we are going to see what the change offered by other parties is like - after all, following the mayhem caused by the Lib/Lab/Con, how can the alternative be worse?

Ack: This post was inspired by words, thoughts and phrases used by one of the greatest 'Conservative' politicians of our time: Ronald Reagan.

Afterthought: The nadir to which our politics has sunk is illustrated by the fact that, for the most part, the burning question of the past 48 hours is centred on bullying and the possible participation of our Prime Minister in that innoble art. Can politics sink any lower?


Uncle Marvo said...

No. It can't sink lower. Now what?

Witterings From Witney said...

UM - La Revolucion?

microdave said...

The "other" profession provides a service people actually want. And, unlike politicians, if you aren't happy you can easily choose another....