Monday, 22 February 2010

Tebbit Confirms Albion Alliance Fears On Tory Candidate's 'Independence'

I have posted previously about David Cameron's authoritarian hold on his party and candidates here, here and here on the question of Britain's membership of the European Union and placing country before party - both issues being at the heart of the campaign being run by the Albion Alliance.

Reading the responses by Conservative candidates - responses which can be accessed via the candidate database on the Albion Alliance home page - it is obvious from the virtually identical wording that their responses have been dictated by CCHQ. It is also noticable that the Albion Alliance is aware that certain Conservative candidates fear deselection should they sign the pledge asked for, hence the setting up of a 'Secret Pledge' facility.

This fear that deselection hangs over some Conservative candidates has been confirmed by Norman Tebbit in his latest post. Asked by one commenter who Norman Tebbit feels is most in tune with his views Tebbit's response is most telling. He says "I do not think I should say. I would not want him, or her, to be deselected!"

I believe both the Albion Alliance and I may safely say - We rest our case M'Lud!

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