Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Miliband (D) At Demos

David Miliband - who believes he is Foreign Secretary but has yet to realise that a fellow incompetent, Ashton, has actually usurped his position - has been addressing the faithful once again.

Talking of Gordon Brown's speech last Saturday Miliband says "He set out serious plans for the pursuit of noble causes based on clear values.  This speech is about those values, and how a re-elected Labour government would make them real" and one has to immediately ask what the hell have Labour been doing for the past 13 years, or is this a new set of 'values'?

Miliband also believes that Labour has changed the country for the better! WTF! Who has created the housing shortage by unlimited immigration? Who has caused all the social upheaval and unrest by unlimited immigration? Is it any wonder that the country is in the mess it is when a party of the left creates so many rights?

Miliband continues "Now the polls show the British people are not feeling particularly optimistic at the moment: the political system is in disrepute, our financial system has had to be rescued from deep collapse, the moral authority of the West is contested, and international institutions are all but paralysed on issues like climate change." but omits one other problem, which is that Labour are paralysed from the neck up!

If anything shows that Socialists are totally 'off their heads' it is the statement ".....only the centre-left, social democrats and radical liberals, can realise the progressive insight that a free and powerful people is made not born." Miliband is so indoctrinated with his socialistic ideals that he cannot realise we are all born free - it is only when there is a socialist government, or those like him (the present Conservative Party), that the freedom people were born with gets usurped!

This latest offering by Miliband can be summed up in four words - more of the same!

Not for me pal!

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Trooper Thompson said...

Despicable, loathsome man. The last thing control freak monsters like Miliband want is free and powerful people. 'Made not born'. Right there, the admission of the social engineering/brainwashing agenda unleashed on the poor innocent children of this nation. Disgusting fabian scum.