Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Contradiction, No?

David Cameron spent an hour this evening answering questions in a live webcast, a replay of which can be viewed here.

Towards the end he was questioned on grammar schools and said that he did not believe in them, that the question had been debated in the past and the argument for them, lost. Just prior to this question he had been discussing the fact that Conservative policy will allow parents a say in how their state school is run etc and that it was all about choice and devolving power.

Err, if it is about devolving power and providing parental choice - if those parents want a grammar school................? As with all the three main parties, it appears that yes, you will have choice but only from the options they decide to provide. 

What was that about 'democratised dictatorship'???

Afterthought: As will be seen, if it is watched completely - not one question about EU membership and not one question about democracy. Who said these events were not stage-managed??

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James Higham said...

Dave doesn't think out his policies - just goes with what sounds good to the supporter base. The promises can be broken later.