Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Latest 'Tractor-Stats' From The Great Leader

So Gordon Brown has provided his grateful cannon fodder electorate with the slogan of the century: 'A Future Fair For All' and asks that we 'take a second look at his party and a long, hard look at 'them'.

He makes the point about markets needing morals. "Without that they go astray....They can cause people to take reckless risks for which others pay the price." Continuing that "So we need to say anew that markets should serve the public and not the other way around." leads one to ask: and politicians? Physician, first heal thyself!

Gordon Brown says "We need and will renew the economy, renew our infrastructure and renew our industrial base." No wonder Labour does not wish to campaign on its record - after all, who the f*** has been in charge of the country for the last 13 years???

Another extract from this speech: "We are determined to reduce the deficit that emerged as a consequence of the world recession...." Err, no Gordon, it is because you have committed the cardinal sin of spending more than you (the country) earned!

"And we will take tough action on spending, not just efficiency drives but cuts in some areas. But our bottom line is we will protect the front line… our schools, our hospitals, our police." So it is not just the Conservative Party - although who the hell they are is another subject - that is proposing 'cuts'? And where exactly will these come, Gordon???

"I know that Labour hasn’t done everything right. And I know – really, I know – that I’m not perfect." The latter part of that comment is true, although he would have the electorate believe that he is! In respect of the first part of that quote - substitute 'anything' for 'everything' and one could admit that he has, for once in his life, been truthful!

"All they [Conservatives] have done is to change their appearance, to give the appearance of change." And the difference between them and you, Gordon, is????

"And so today I issue a call to every progressive to come together to fight for the values we cherish and the country we love." This last quote really does 'take the biscuit' - chocolate or otherwise! For Gordon Brown to talk about 'values we cherish' and 'the country we love' is hypocritical to say the least. Who the bloody hell has done more to undermine the 'values we cherish' by the social engineering policy of mass immigration? Who has done more to undermine the 'country we love' by giving away our right to govern ourselves and thus make our own laws??

Gordon, one does not need to take a second look at your party - one look has been more than sufficient! In respect of his plea to take a long, hard look at them [Conservatives] we are, Gordon, and we don't much like what they have to offer either, something which is very much on a par with your vision for our country!


subrosa said...

I haven't plucked up the courage to listen to the man, but I did happen to hear a bit of it on the car radio. Doubt if I could stand more.

Witterings From Witney said...

You don't need courage SR, you need to be a complete and utter f'wick to even want to read the speech!