Sunday, 28 February 2010

Conservatives Meet Firm & Resolute - Hague

So said William Hague yesterday in his speech to the Conservative Spring Conference. Really William? So how come this report says that "One MP claimed "60 to 70 MPs" are unhappy with the leadership....."? And that is without the views of those candidates hoping to become MPs!

'Talking' to a few Conservative candidates and explaining to one that whilst the best I could hope for in Witney was a repeat of the Euro result, thereby putting a dent in Cameron's majority, the response I got was "I feel so strongly about my country and Europe that you "dent" away - maybe then people will start listening." - a view echoed by others.

If David Cameron's candidates are not wholly behind him one has to ask what chance does he stand of getting the country behind him?*

* Silly me - forgot Cameron's order of priority is:  Cameron>EU>Cameron>Party>Cameron>Country. Fairs fair, how more 'patriotic' could he get?

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