Thursday, 25 February 2010

As A Nation, Are We Mad? Don't Answer That!!

Douglas Murray posts on Abdullah Hakim Quick. And then we wonder why there is a 'terrorist problem', why there is 'social unrest'? FFS!!!!!!

Dear Brussels, May we have a divorce please? It is more than obvious that you don't like us and we most definitely don't like you. An amicable divorce would then allow us to kick out 'rabble rousers' - plus all the other 'undesirables' that we are forced to maintain. That in itself should save us a bob or two in our fight to overturn our fiscal deficit, plus the loss of the £45million a day you get from us might just make you concentrate your minds on your budget and running costs!

In fact, we will deport them, by the shortest route available - ie, to Calais - hows that? You believe in all this crap about equality, diversity and 'rights' - then you handle it and them!

Are we racist? No! Are we 'Little Englanders'? Probably, but then we believe in our country and its traditions and customs and none of you are ever going to wreck that!

Got the message? Good! Now just p's off!

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