Saturday, 27 February 2010

An April Election?

An article in the Telegraph, by Patrick Hennessy, reports on Labour preparations for an April election, based on leaked emails.

One has to ask why would No10 leak emails if not to destablise other political parties? This must point to 6th May, which the article suggests as the most likely date, otherwise the leak destroys any attempt by Brown to wrong-foot his opposition.

Another reason to doubt Brown calling an election in early March is that Darling has said he will present a budget. That date has been pencilled in for the end of March - 23rd I believe (according to previous reports) - although the actual date has not yet been announced, so yes it it could be brought forward, one presumes.

Que Sera, Sera - as Doris Day sang..........


microdave said...

"leaked emails." - Don't you mean "Stolen by Sceptics?"

Witterings From Witney said...


I can but apologise for misuse of the English language - again!

What is my punishment? A date with Mrs Dromey?