Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Subject That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Yup, we're going to discuss immigration, prompted by an article in today's Daily Telegraph, by Judith Woods, that centres on Slough and the problems caused therein.

Not one of the three main political parties really wish to discuss immigration, although when they do it is to talk tough by mentioning 'caps on immigration' and similar phrases. When they do deign to discuss the subject what we get are meaningless statements from - to paraphrase: "What's the name of that prat", oh yes - Phil Woolas and Damian Green.

When surveyed, most people list immigration as one of the burning issues facing the country, yet why do the three main parties ignore the subject? Why? Because not one of them, were they to assume office can deal with the overall numbers entering the country due to their wish to remain a member of the European Union - a point I have made many times.

Only recently have Ministers had to deny the allegation that the present government deliberately set out to change our society by encouraging mass migration. Compared to the figure of 37,000 being granted a British passport in 1997, the figure is now over 200,000 - according data just released by the National Audit Office. Only an idiot would argue that encouraging mass migration would not change our country's society - which is one element of proof that the present government is comprised of idiots, but I digress.

Comments by members of the public demonstrate only too well the anger felt by some of our population.

"I've lived in Slough for 40 years and I hardly recognise the place. The High Street is full of shops run by other nationalities who don't speak our language. I'm not a racist, it's just the numbers of new people coming here are making me feel like a stranger in my own town."

"I've turned into a racist. I look around me and I can barely hear English being spoken, and there are intimidating groups of foreign youths hanging around, so the atmosphere is quite threatening. We're overrun and I'm afraid to go out at night."

"There are so many people from so many backgrounds, and when I look around I can see I'm part of a minority"

Never mind feeling like a stranger in ones own town, today most indigenous members of society feel like a stranger in their own country. Is it any wonder that stories emerge of immigrants with large families living in mansions at taxpayer's expense - a problem no government can rectify, thanks to the 'rights' these people have.

Slough constituency will be an interesting one to watch during the general election as Fiona MacTaggart, the sitting Labour MP, and the Liberal Democrat candidate, Chris Tucker, will both no doubt duck the issue. The UK Independence Party candidate Peter Mason-Apps can probably be relied on to raise the issue as will, one suspects, the Conservative Party candidate, Diana Coad who would appear to be one of a rare breed amongst her colleagues as she has shown in the past that she has not yet been 'cloned' by CCHQ - witness her stance, with Douglas Carswell against membership of the EU, coupled with her belief in Grammar Schools. Do not misunderstand my motives in highlighting the candidacy of Diana Coad - I do not support her party. Why Diana Coad stands out, in my mind, is that she appears to be one of a rare breed today - a candidate that has, in the words of Frederik Forsyth, "conviction, passion, honesty and integrity."

Immigration is a subject that is changing our society and alienating the present population; consequently politicians of all parties and their leaders owe it to the electorate to 'come clean' on the principles on which their policies are based and to discuss that and the topic with those whose votes they seek. While they are doing that perhaps they would also adopt the same line on membership of the EU and Energy.


Uncle Marvo said...

I was in a corner shop in Tufnell Park yesterday at about 2.30. There were kids everywhere. The was a doorman outside the shop, another inside, and two wandering around checking that stuff wasn't disappearing off the shelves.

None of the kids I saw were what the Old Bill used to (and probably still do) describe as "IC1".

Is that racist?

James Higham said...

Rivers of blood are on the way.