Thursday, 25 February 2010

Journalism - Again!

Benedict Brogan, writing the op-ed piece in today's Daily Telegraph, appears to be 'joining the party' a tad late - a fact echoed by Richard North over at EU Referendum.

In his piece Brogan states "The hysteria of the debate between an often secretive scientific establishment and the insurgents who reject its orthodoxies about man's role in whatever it is that is happening to the planet is trying the patience of voters – and readers of this newspaper – who are confused or angered (or both) by the lectures they get from each side."
Readers of the Daily Telegraph may well be angered - it is a pity that the Daily Telegraph itself did not get angered. In the past the newspaper, like the remainder of the MSM, blithly printed what they were given without any attempt to verify the 'facts' that they were given and without any attempt to explain what was the underlying reason of government energy policies. Witness this article, only as recently as 23rd June last year.

For some time now amongst the main 'voices' against this climate change scam have been those of Anthony Watts, North, Booker, Bishop Hill and James Delingpole. It was only when they managed to get their writing on this, the CRU emails and Pachauri picked up by others that the MSM in this country started to take notice - and even then in what seemed a grudging manner. But hey, the bandwagon is rolling now so, true to form, on jumps the Telegraph!

What is even more amazing is that in this piece even Brogan fails also to explain exactly what is wrong with the energy policies of the Lib/Lab/Con and why. Surely Brogan must also realise that as long as he continues to support the Cameron-Not-The-Conservative Party his lights will be well and truly 'put out'!