Sunday, 14 February 2010

Inter-related Reports

Two reports by Statewatch bear consideration. The first report states that 500,000 computer terminals can access large amounts of confidential personal information held about British citizens. WTF!! The second report details what can only be described as a 'scam', comparable with that of the climate change 'scam'.

Dealing with the first report which highlights the fact that a case is known whereby personal data was sold to a criminal gang, Tony Bunyan director of Statewatch said "It is well known that the greater the points of access, the greater the number of people who have access and the greater the chance that data will be misplaced, lost or illegally accessed. The idea that mass databases can be totally secure and that privacy can be guaranteed is a fallacy". This report demonstrates that 'Big Brother' is in its infancy and as that well-known phrase has it: You ain't seen nothing yet!

The second report deals with the 'industry' that has sprung up as a result 'the war on terror'. In the name of 'security' western governments across the world have accrued powers over their citizens that were unthinkable in years gone by. The report quotes a statement by a former EU commissioner who said "security is no longer a monopoly that belongs to public administrations, but a common good, for which responsibility and implementation should be shared by public and private bodies." As a result, more and more of the tools required for 'security' are being outsourced to private organisations. That is all very well and private enterprise is to be encouraged.

However, the problem comes when one considers the source of the payments for the fees that these private organisations will earn. Yup, you've guessed it - the taxpayer! So what we have here is the EU, in the name of providing its citizens with 'security' is doling out our our cash on systems that we don't want! And all in the name of 'democracy'!

You have to hand it to these bastards - they have invented a system whereby the people pay to enslave themselves!

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