Monday, 22 February 2010

Why Vote Lib/Lab/Con?

IPJ on Politics raises a very valid question to ask candidates when they come 'a knocking on your door', asking for your vote.

Let us, for the sake of argument, forget the candidates for they are but 'voting fodder' for their 'leaders' in Parliament on the basis that political parties believe that party comes before country - let us pose a simple question to Brown, Cameron and Clegg:

Those three are presenting their parties to the electorate on the basis that they are asking us to choose the party we wish to govern us. On what basis? All three have decided that they are content to have the majority of laws governing this country decided by none of them; neither have they explicitely asked the permission of those whom they are but servants, or employees, that this should happen. Since when did the 'tail wag the dog'?

All three leaders of the Lib/Lab/Con tell us that they will 'govern' in the interests of Britain, that they will stand up for Britain, that they will safeguard Britain's 'independence' as a 'sovereign nation'. All three have policies to solve our deficit; all three say that they will change our tax laws; all three say they will resolve the problems in our education system; all three say that we need a new Bill of Rights; all three say that they will resolve the problems with our justice system. 

Yet how many of the these will they be able to deny? Answer: none, because ratification of the Lisbon Treaty gives the EU the right to create whatever laws the Commission sees fit and to assume competence (responsibility) in any area of policy it wishes! Just look at the number of acts 'waiting in the wings' on each particular subject! Taxation: 42!; Economic and Monetary Policy: 28!; Freedom, Security and Justice: 112!!! And Brown, Cameron & Clegg still think they will form a 'government' for the United Kingdom?

Who writes the policies of the Lib/Lab/Con? Hans Christian Anderson? Walt Disney? Beatrix Potter?

FFS! - words fail me!!!!

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Adam R. said...

To save time, the debates between these three stooges ought to be done in unison. They say the same things anyway, so why not let them all answer questions with the same words at once?
Announcer: What is your policy on the climate change issue?
Dave, Gordon & Nick: My party is all about stopping CO2 and going green. My two opponents here want to go nuclear, but my party is against it. I believe in fairness and change. They don't.