Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Darling On Jeff Randall Live (Sky)

Politics Home carries a report on Alastair Darling's interview by Jeff Randall on Sky TV.

I have no wish to comment on Darling's 'revelations' about Number 10, or Gordon Brown; although it would seem that his comment on the fact he intends to present a Budget before the general election is indicative of the 6th May being 'the date'.

What I do wish to make comment on is the last sentence of this report by Politics Home: "This election is about two different competing visions about this country." Reading that, it is logical to presume that most of the political MSM - and the country - will assume this means that the competing visions about which he talks are Labour and Conservative.

In fact nothing could be further from the truth as basically there is no difference between Labour and the Conservatives; they both believe in membership of the EU; they both believe in central government control (regardless of their proposed 'devolution of power' utterances); they both believe in the scam of climate change; they both believe in participation of an unwinnable war; they both believe in the bureaucratic state.

The two different competing visions are between those of the Labour and Conservative Parties - and the vision that others have of an independent Britain; a self-governing Britain, incorporating real local democracy; a Britain that is able to trade with whoever and wherever it likes and a Britain where its elected representatives are honest, trustworthy and honourable men and women.


Quiet_Man said...

Very true, but I doubt the MSM know or have even grasped this fact, never mind report it.

The Guardian poll was good today though, the Tories are losing votes to the independents.

Witterings From Witney said...

Yes QM and there's the rub! The MSM must sit up and take note! If we in the blogosphere make enought noise (like Richard North with climate gate) they surely will

Mark Wadsworth said...

Er ... can I have Option 2, please, Mr Witney? That sounds quite refreshing.

Daniel1979 said...

The choice between the Red Puppet and the Blue Puppet