Friday, 26 February 2010

Beglium Don't Seem To Like Us - Wonder Why?

Courtesy of Gawain Towler, England Expects, it would appear that we Brits are not 'flavour of the month' with Beglium.


No need to get personal!


Mark Wadsworth said...

As I said over GT's:

"Beglium"? That really is a non-country.

Witterings From Witney said...

MW, follow the link in Gawain's post.....

lenko said...

Funny.... every time I've been to Belgium, it seemed to be inhabited by real live people, living real live lives, just like you and me.

And I guess that Mr Roumpany is a real live person too, with actual -- you know -- feelings an' all.

And your hero, Mr Farage was un-necessarily rude to him and his nation, just to grab a few headlines. Farage speaks well, and he has a lot of confidence. But he's going nowhere in politics (or any other profession) if he can't get on with people.

If you guys want him elected to put your points of view, then teach him some manners.

PS: I usually hate all political bastards of any shape or size, but yobbishness is even worse. A well spoken, well educated yob is worse than most.

Witterings From Witney said...


Beg to differ Sir. I would rather have someone that calls a spade a spade and uses plain simple English. We also - for the moment - have free speech, remember? You may not like what was said and have every right to disagree, but a little more of plain speaking would not go amiss in the present political climate and is something I believe the electorate would welcome.

Trooper Thompson said...

"If you guys want him elected to put your points of view, then teach him some manners."

He already is elected, and he does put our point of view, but let's agree: you stop destroying our country and we'll be polite, and if you could have a word with your pro-EU, anti-democracy politicians, who routinely call Farage and members of his group madmen, monkeys etc, that would be appreciated.

If you don't like the style, that's how the English do politics. I invite you to kick us out of the EU, so you can be all friends together. The majority of the people of this country want to leave. Only a rump of politicians and corporate crooks want to stay, which is why they don't dare let the people have a say.

As for the picture, the feeling is very mutual.

lenko said...

Well, well... seems like I touched a nerve. For the record, I am anti-EU, and pro-democracy. I served in the military for this country. I suspect the motives of all political power-seekers, including Farage.

But getting so un-necessarily personal is the outward sign of an inwardly nasty mind.

Suppose he was an American taunting the Brits that they were a "non-country". Suppose he was attacking -- on a personal level -- your wife/husband/ mistress/ lover. Will you feel different then?

Or will you go for someone who can argue the facts?

lenko said...

PS: Anti van Rompuy too, if it comes to that. But at least he's not a yob.

The yobbishness MAY win Farage a few votes, but politics is largely a matter of making contacts, alliances, friendships even.

Don't think he's much good at that.

Witterings From Witney said...


I thank you for your service in my country's armed forces - mean it, believe me!

We will have to agree to disagree on this one, methinks. It is one reason why I have not stood for parliament as I know I would not last five minutes - if I believe someone is a prat I tend to say so.

Funny that UKIP can be called names, as can their members - yet when we fight back, using their tactics, we get labelled yobbish, rude etc......? So you would condemmn someone for voicing what so many people think and ban them for doing it? Funny sense of democracy or don't you believe in free speech? My only proviso in the use of language to condemn anyone is the use of swear words - that is yobbish, to use your word.

As to making alliances, friendships - is that not a matter of personal choice - or are you against that too?

As TT said thats our style of politics - accept it or not, it is your choice.

lenko said...

I agree to agree to disagree -- seriously, I meant no offence. I do believe in values of democracy and free speech, though with limits. You can't just slag anyone off at the drop of a hat. Funnily enough, though I don't use swear words that much, there is a time and a place for them.

But SOME people -- not saying its you -- are hotheads, and tend to go off half-cocked. And Nigel Farage is someone who should think twice as long as he does before putting his mouth in gear.

Sorry to be long-winded.