Sunday, 21 February 2010

Jumping On The Support Brown Bandwagon

After Auntie Harriet, we now have Postman Pat publicly supporting Gordon Brown, viz-a-viz the Rawnsley book.

Whether Brown is a bully as alleged - and personally I could not care less, the fact that he is a controlling, incompetent idiot is sufficient reason to dislike him - one characteristic inherent in any bully is to recognise those who will not be bullied.

Maybe Brown realised that Alan Johnston might just, metaphorically, 'post him one'?

Just another thought for Sunday........

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Macheath said...

...he said it was 'amazing' that after so many years as Chancellor and Prime Minister, Mr Brown was so 'calm' and 'soft spoken'.

That's so far into the realms of implausibility that it practically confirms the allegations.