Tuesday, 16 February 2010

We're Doomed, I Tell You, Doomed

Having for years now suffered Deborah Arnott from Nutty Ash (with apologies to Ken Dodd) berating us about the evils of smoke related activities, we have a new 'preacher of doom' in our midst in the shape of one Andrew Marszal - the same writer who parroted the 'melting ice cap' scam, but I digress - who now writes about the next big pollutant activity.

If we are to believe the data that is quoted by Andrew Marszal, then people are dying from the same illnesses that are caused by smoking - COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and atherosclerosis - and presumably the medical profession are able to differentiate between deaths caused by smoking and those caused by traffic fumes, when diagnosed as due to CPOD and/or atherosclerosis. Hopefully the two debunkers of Nutty Ash, Dick Puddlecote and Velvet Glove Iron Fist, will be able to answer that point.

Three 'side' thoughts: Firstly one wonders whether the potential £300 million fine has been factored into the total national debt and secondly, the point about Tim Yeo being 'startled' by the statistics is hardly surprising. It has long been my impression he will be just as startled when he finally learns that two plus two equals four. Third, and last, one has to ask if this is the beginning of a new campaign by the Environmentalists?

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