Monday, 15 February 2010

Ten Reasons To Vote Conservative

Today the Conservative Party launched a new leaflet "Never voted Tory before? Here are ten reasons why you should...".

Notice any ommissions? Yup, EU membership, Immigration, Wind Farms, Energy, Agriculture, Fisheries, Transport, Trade, Foreign Affairs; the list goes on.....

Why? This table might explain - the examples given above are all areas in which a UK government has to comply, in the main, with regulations set by our proper government in Brussels.

In producing this leaflet the Conservative Party are guilty, as are Labour and the LibDems, of deceiving the electorate about the true state of affairs - nay, let us be truthful, they are guilty of lying to the electorate!

And Britain is shortly to be given the opportunity of electing a 'government'...................?

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Sue said...

I know.. I'm quite upset about the Conservatives actually. I haven't blogged an awful lot as I've been pondering what it going to happen. I know what's going to happen. The Conservatives will get into power and nothing will change. Not a dickie bird!

We can only hope that the financial crisis will finally bring the EU Dictatorship to end one day soon.