Monday, 22 February 2010

Conservative Candidate's 'Non Sense' Of Priorities

Last month Tim Montgomerie, on Conservative Home, posted about a survey that had been carried out amongst the 250 candidates in the 'most winnable' seats asking for their personal priorities in respect of policies that they felt were most important. This list, compiled from the 141 that responded to the survey is reproduced below:


The question has to be asked if these candidates actually have any understanding of 'government' or democracy and in fact whether they actually posses a brain.

Perhaps these candidates can explain, for example, how any government of this country, whilst remaining a member of the European Union, can:

(a) reduce our deficit when the EU is planning to 'control' the fiscal plans of member states?
(b) cut red tape and regulation when the prime cause of this is adherence to EU Directives and Regulations?
(c) reverse Labour's erosion of civil liberties when civil liberties are, in effect, dictated by Britain's compliance with rulings from the European Court of Human Rights - compliance with the rulings of the latter in turn dictated by membership of the EU.
(d) reduce the level of immigration when immigration from EU member states cannot be reduced?
(e) reform the tax system when the EU is planning on harmonisation of tax?

The one policy which would allow the above to occur - Winning powers back from Europe and on which the Conservatives are unable to make any promises, cast-iron or not - comes eighth on their list - yes, eighth!

And these candidates wish to become part of an institution that they believe makes laws when they most obviously do not understand the present 'status quo'? WTF!!

And are these candidates privy to the details of whatever 'deal' Ken Clarke is going to make with Manuel Barroso?

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microdave said...

Look on the bright side - at least they seem to have seen through the "Carbon Footprint" scam....

But looking at some of the letters on the Albion Alliance site, it's clear that most of them have no idea!