Sunday, 14 February 2010

More Climate Change Scam News

Richard North, EU Referendum, fresh from his success in 'sinking' Pachauri, uncovers yet another scam - one in which we, the taxpayers, will end up footing the bill.

Setting to one side the commissions that will be earned by the companies in question, the most pressing question is from where will Gordon Brown 'find' the £60,000,000 to pay for these carbon credits? More importantly, if Gordon Brown wishes to spend our money, how about asking us first?

Oh, I forgot - we now live in a democratised dictatorship, one that will continue when the next bunch of 'green loonies' take over - the 'Camerones', who are also quite happy to do the bidding of their puppet masters in Brussels!

Wishful thinking I know, but if everyone in the country refused to pay the climate change levy on their fuel bills........................

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