Sunday, 21 February 2010

Too True Blue

An Englishman's Castle links to this article in the Times, from which he quotes: "One senior MP said last night: “The inner circle can crow all they like about how well they are doing, but the elephant in the room is the polls. Cameron spent last week talking about sexualisation of children and nine-year-old girls in suspenders, when there are much more important issues he should be talking about.” Another backbencher said: “Cameron and his team are panicking. We are not over the line yet. They are trying to mumble their way to the general election, playing it safe, when what people want is real passion.

Commenting, An Englishman's Castle says "The voters have woken up after a horrendous party, the furniture has been smashed, the bailiffs are knocking at the door, their wallet has been emptied and they turn over in bed and see who they have been sleeping with for the last thirteen years for the first time without make up and sober. And outside a fresh faced Dave sings them sweet songs about taking them away from all this. And the voters are still thinking of one more tumble in the filthy sheets rather than trust a Tory future? There really is something wrong with the brand."

There really is something wrong with the Conservative brand and a study of Cameron and his party's falling in the opinion polls can be traced back to the breaking of his 'cast-iron' pledge for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. It has been obvious, for some time, that the electorate know only too well that there is not much difference between the policies of the three main parties - the one thing that attracted potential voters to the Conservative brand was the promise that, at long last, one of the main parties was prepared to give the people a vote on a matter which had long been denied them.

Looking at the decline of Marks & Spencer and its rise once again by returning to its core market and the methods it adopted, it is amusing to note the Conservative Party campaigning on the need to change. Unfortunately of all the changes it is proposing, the one change that is required is the one change they seem unable to make - that of changing their leader!

Until the Conservative Party make that final and vital change, there is only one party - UKIP - offering 'real' Conservative policies, policies that are truly radical and would bring about the change Britain so desperately needs; and maybe, just maybe, the electorate are beginning to wake up to this.

Update: Thought provoking article over at Burning Our Money.

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