Sunday, 14 February 2010

It Matters Not

With all the agonizing being done by the MSM and blogosphere over the outcome of a Cameron government, a Brown government or a hung parliament, it is worth noting that our real government was actually appointed on 9th of this month - and with great fanfare.

Any eyewitness account reports:

"The ceremony of the 2009 European Parliament was an event to recall. Uniformed generals with rows of medals and EU officials stood ram-rod straight as EU soldiers in camouflage and marching boots trooped a gigantic EU flag into the courtyard in Strasbourg. Then the EU anthem 'Ode to Joy' was played as the soldiers solemnly raised the EU flag. This whole thing had a real 'Mayday in Moscow' feel to it and left me more convinced that ever that this EU project is determined to build a Euronationalist, militaristic United States of Europe."

However I digressed - back to our new government. IanPJ on Politics has a post detailing who is who in our new government and just to ram home exactly how much power in setting our laws the EU has I repeat a table IPJ uses - study this carefully.

(click to enlarge)

As the EU expands the areas in which it decides to assume competence and also further legislates in the areas in which it already has competence, the Directives and Regulations will enter the House of Commons and then exit as Acts of Parliament or Statutory Instruments. As we now have to label our food with country of origin, perhaps it might be an idea if our laws were so labelled - at least that way we would know to which set of controlling bastards we should direct our anger!

13th Spitfire has computed an interesting graph using the following data set:

Pollster Stay Leave

ICM Poll for Global Vision, Nov 2007 11-07 24% 23%
ICM Poll for Global Vision, Feb 2008 2-08 21% 24%
YouGov Poll for Open Europe, June 2008 6-08 38% 24%
ITV Tonight Programme, Oct 2008 10-08 35% 54%
YouGov Survey for TPA, Jan 2009 1-09 22% 16%
Channel 4 YouGob Poll June 2009 6-09 38% 61%

resulting in this:
We can now clearly see why the political elite don't wish to discuss with us the matter of who governs our country and also why we won't get our referendum.

We are continually told by our political elite that the benefits of EU membership are obvious, but none of them will compile a cost/benefit analysis. Yet one exists, compiled for the Bruges Group by Gerard Batten, and can be viewed here. The message to Cameron/Brown/Clegg is that there is such an analysis - you show me yours and we'll show you ours!

With very few notable exceptions, candidates at the forthcoming election who are standing for the three main parties have committed what amounts to an effront to the electorate's intelligence by presenting themselves as suitable for election. They toe the party line and parrot what they are fed, they are lured by the expenses to which they will be entitled - together with the lure of ministerial office. The majority appear unable to understand or even appreciate what democracy really is and their knowledge of that is on a par with my knowledge of nuclear physics - which is zilch! They have led closseted lives as 'researchers' to MPs, or similar non-jobs, have no understanding of the commercial world - they are in fact 'shams' standing for a 'sham' Parliament!

As you may have guessed by now - I am a tad p'd off!

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