Saturday, 27 February 2010

Talk About An Inflated Ego!

According to the News of the World David Cameron will tell us tomorrow that we need him! FFS - we need more of the same like we need another hole in our heads!

The NOW report Cameron will give another pledge - to hard-working families that he will repay their support by putting them — and the country — first. Firstly, he has shown his pledges are worthless as he just keeps breaking them. Secondly, if he really did intend to put the country first, he would abandon his dictatorial denial to the country and allow them a referendum on our membership of the EU!

Were I a Conservative Party member or supporter I would be worried, big time, that with this speech, as reported, Cameron had lost it - and I don't mean the election because that. at the moment, is already lost.

Writing in the NOW Cameron says "We also need to bring this approach to the way we do politics in this country, so we will hand vast swathes of power back to people. It’s your street, it’s your neighbourhood, it’s your police force, it’s your school — so we’re going to let you take control of it." And our country, iDave? You seem to have missed that bit out - I wonder why? You are not going to let us take control of our country then?

"Responsibility and aspiration. Two simple values that will have a profound effect on our country." It is to be regretted that the two simple values Cameron thinks will have a profound effect on our country are the two values that are so noticable in him and his party by their absence!

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Mrs Rigby said...

I wish to goodness that they'd take a stroll round the blogosphere and see what real people are thinking, and learn what real people want.