Saturday, 6 February 2010

Electioneering? You Decide

The News of the World reports on the interview given by Gordon Brown to Piers Morgan, as part of the latter's 'Life Stories' which are due to be aired in the Spring. Apologies for appearing 'heartless' - but this 'interview' is no more than an attempt to garner public support, come the General Election.

Naturally any parent suffering the trauma of losing a child is going to be distraught, even after 7 years, but why allow any questioning on what is a personal and emotional subject? More importantly, shame on Piers Morgan for even bringing the subject into the interview! One also has to question the reasons for airing the fact that Blair (who is supposed to be helping Brown to get re-elected) 'did the dirty' at such a juncture in the political diary?

It is accepted, I believe, that Gordon Brown has a 'plan' for everything he does - so what the hell is this all about? Or has he, once again, 'put foot in mouth'?

Just thinking...................

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