Sunday, 7 February 2010

Leaving The EU - Some People Don't Get It

There are some within our society that are campaigning for an English Parliament, in the belief that were we to have such an institution that that 'English Parliament' could then pass a law to leave the EU.

Perhaps they need reminding that it was the United Kingdom that joined the EEC- and then ratified the Lisbon Treaty - and not just England. As a result it is only the United Kingdom that can decide to leave.

One only has to look at this article to realise that those wanting an English Parliament and the resultant 'independence', are wishing for a course of action that can never happen.


Autonomous Mind said...

As someone who wants an English Parliament I think it's only fair I should point out that my wish is not linked to leaving the EU.

For sure I want the UK out of the EU. But my motives for wanting an English Parliament is to ensure only MPs for English constituencies legislate on matters that only apply to England.

Yes, there are too few of those legislative matters thanks to the undemocratic export of political powers from Westminster to Brussels. But there are still some and I don't want Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs determining the laws that will only apply to England.

Witterings From Witney said...


For sure, but first we have a referendum. Go read Ukip on the Constitution - a perfectly reasonable proposal to get rid of MSP and AM's, flog off the buildings, save lots of money and then it is all done in Westminster with each voting on their own domestic matters and only joining when voting required on international matters.